Pass & PROVEN announce partnership to provide digital health & identity tool


GAITHERSBURG, Md. & CLEARWATER, Fl. – July 20th, 2021  

Pass, a digital identity provider with established partners in the healthcare and authentication spaces, is joining forces with PROVEN, an enterprise focused on validating and securely sharing health information. Together they are providing their new solution myPassID powered by PROVEN to empower travelers and organizations around the world to get back to safe traveling.

This digital health clearance offering is integrated into the myPassID mobile app, which provides verified credentials for records such as COVID-19 vaccination status. myPassID is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play. PROVEN is a clinical health tool by PROVEN that screens visitors based on their clinically validated health records.

Thanks to this partnership, myPassID can access PROVEN’s network of healthcare providers and integrations with EHR systems to verify users’ COVID-19 status and other risk factors. This includes everything from vaccination, previous COVID-19 history, and other health evaluations. In the case where medical records aren’t present, myPassID also enables direct outreach to healthcare providers within the network for further information.

“The goal of myPassID powered by PROVEN is to give users a sense of safety as they return to normal life in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” explained Pass Product Director Tom Simmons. “We aim to put users in control of personal details such as vaccination status while providing a secure and seamless manner to share their digital information.”

Pass & PROVEN are working with various tourism groups to help provide freedom of movement and revive economies both domestically and internationally in the post-COVID era. For more information, visit or

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Based in Clearwater Florida and Washington DC, PROVEN is a new digital health tool that is partnering with organizations across the globe to safely reopen as we find new solutions to live and work with COVID-19, and allows people to move freely without violating their privacy (HIPAA compliant). Proven provides a community tool to help keep each other safe that keeps personal health information safe and only seen by licensed healthcare professionals. Proven provides employers, schools, tourism, hospitality and event providers a straightforward color-coded status to quickly understand if someone has been COVID verified or not. For more information, please visit

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Pass & PROVEN Partnership

Pass & PROVEN Partnership

Press Release : Pass & PROVEN announce partnership to provide digital health & identity tool.

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