FAQ for PassID Powered by Proven

While Proven seeks to respond to every traveler quickly, the full health screening process can take several days based on the number of travelers on a trip, their current health status, and the total number of applications at any given time. 

PassID Powered by Proven only requests the necessary information to complete health screening for a specific trip.  All information collected is stored on HIPAA compliant systems protected to the highest standards, to include regular HITRUST audits.   

PassID Powered by Proven provides a secure, digital tool that allows organizations to safely confirm the health status of travelers, employees, and customers.  Proven leverages an entire network of medical professionals to validate provided records and answers and may contact travelers as needed to gather more information. 

The Proven process differs for each traveler based on health status and current guidance from relevant governing health organizations.  Due to changing regulations based on this guidance, the cost of the Proven process may change from time to time as it adapts to the current requirements. 

While the Proven network is constantly expanding, the only countries supported currently are those listed in the app or on the web portal when scheduling a new trip.  Get the latest updates on PassID Powered by Proven at https://twitter.com/Pass_ID_ to keep up with ongoing developments. 

Any and all travelers are invited to use the PassID Powered by Proven platform.  While the Proven QR code only applies to specific countries, we strive to make travel easier and the platform as simple as possible.  If you or your organization would like to start using PassID Powered by Proven, you can reach us at sales@passid.com 

All you need is a smartphone or computer to access the PassID Powered by Proven app.  Once you have been Proven, you can print your QR code or retrieve it via the app or web portal. 

Check your spam folder and if you still can’t find it, send us an email support@certify.me and we’ll help you sort out any issues.

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